eye test note

Your residents will be tested using all the equipment you would expect to see in a practice

There are lots of different reasons why one or more of your residents may be reluctant to have their eyes tested; they may not believe it is necessary; they may feel they are being a burden or they don’t know what an examination entails. In the majority of cases I have found that it is fear of the unknown that prevents the elderly to book an all-important check-up.

A great benefit you can look forward to from On Call Opticians is a kind reminder for each of your residents that their annual eye examination is due. I appreciate that you are extremely busy and don’t always have the time to think about when each of your residents need to have their eyes tested again; now you no longer need to worry.

microscopeWhen an appointment has been booked for one of your residents to have their eyes tested I will come and visit them personally. No effort is required on your behalf and the individual I am seeing can remain comfortable and relaxed in their own surroundings. This has proven extremely beneficial in the past especially with dementia sufferers who can become agitated when taken somewhere unfamiliar.

If you require my services for a resident who has a mental disability they are in the greatest hands. As well as being fully qualified to work with those with dementia and Alzheimer’s, I also have a wealth of experience testing patients with these conditions. I understand that mental disabilities can cause a sufferer to behave in a number of different ways, all of which I am trained, and comfortable in dealing with.

After a cup of tea and an informal chat I will tailor design an eye test for the individual I am seeing, ensuring that no aspect of their vision is missed. I will then use the equipment you would expect to see in an optometry practice to conduct an in-depth examination. Specially designed testing apparatus means I am able to deliver the highest quality vision tests to your residents.

Once your resident’s eye examination is complete I will discuss their prescription with them. In the majority of cases elderly individuals require a slightly amended prescription after each visit; this is due to the affects the ageing process can have on their vision. However the perfect corrective eyewear can have a staggeringly positive effect on an individual’s lifestyle, particularly those who are prone to falling over and bumping into things.

On each visit I carry a great selection of frames with me for your resident to try on; this is often the part of the experience that my patients find the most fun. During this process I am always happy to offer an honest and educated opinion on which spectacle shapes and colours are best suited to the individual I am seeing.

testing lensesWhen your resident is happy with the eyewear that they have chosen I will arrange for their new glasses to be produced. I will then return once the final product is ready for collection, and deliver it personally to your service user. Before I leave I will make sure that the frames fit perfectly, making any amendments where necessary.

If any of your residents wish to have someone they trust with them during their examination, please do not hesitate to ask. I will always share any findings with anyone my patient wishes me to do so. I also recommend that individuals with mental disabilities are accompanied so that information about my visit can be shared if needed.

After an eye examination I can create a number of reports for you regarding different aspects of your resident’s eye health, such as general information about my findings, a falls risk assessment and future care plans. These reports can be invaluable in the future for your staff as well as an individual’s relatives or friends.