Looking after all your eye care needs

Did you know that more than half of older residents in care homes are likely to be suffering from some form of sight loss? It’s estimated that one in five people aged 75+ has some form of vision problem. If you’re aware of each of your residents’ needs, you’re able to care for them more effectively. They’ll be happier too.

Things like adjusting lighting or using a magnifier for favourite activities can have a major, positive impact on good eye and overall health. Along with our specialist call-out optician service, we offer a wide range of accessories to suit your residents’ needs.

Tinted lenses

Do some of your residents like to spend their time out of doors? It’s known that gentle exercise and sunlight are good for mental and emotional health, as well as physical wellbeing, whatever our age. But you probably already know that sunlight can be damaging for eyes.

Tinted lenses will protect eyesight, reducing glare and improving overall visual comfort. Tinted lenses are also designed to help people see the contrast between objects, thereby avoiding eye-strain, the possibility of falling or tripping and helping with overall vision. We offer tinted lenses on all of our frames.

Lighting, like lamps with daylight bulbs

We all know what it’s like to struggle with low-lighting – whether you’re doing the crossword or reading a favourite book. But poor lighting can have a disastrous effect on eyes, leading to minor, but irritating problems like fatigue and eye-strain or more serious problems, such as permanently damaged sight. Improving your lighting helps avoid those problems. Did you know that a lamp with daylight bulbs is extra beneficial? That’s because daylight bulbs more closely mimic natural light, which the eye prefers. We offer a range of lighting to suit every need, including lamps with daylight bulbs.

Magnifiers for close work and watching TV, plus electronic magnifiers for people with low vision

Magnifiers are invaluable for magnifying anything difficult to see, such as the print in books or magazines, or when your residents are watching TV or using a computer screen. Many people find magnifiers helpful for specialist activities too – things like puzzles, crafts or artwork. Their adjustability is an added benefit. Some models include integrated lighting, making them a great choice for your residents’ favourite activities. We have a range of magnifiers to make everyone happy.

Specialist accessories

Looking after eyewear is a necessity. We have a range of specialist accessories to help your residents to care for their glasses.


As you know, lenses need to be kept clean, so they work at their best. A good lens cloth will ensure glasses are shiny and clear giving pinpoint vision and without any risk of scratching the lens.


Keeping specs in tip-top condition is achieved with a lens cleaner – a specialist solution designed for glasses. You or your residents can clean their eyewear, safe in the knowledge that it will remove dirt or smudges completely safely.

Cords and chains

If you find residents lose their specs – perhaps putting them down somewhere and not remembering where they are – or if they want the reassurance of having their glasses close at hand, a cord or chain might be helpful. They’ll keep glasses sitting comfortably around anyone’s neck, until they’re next needed.

Vitamins and minerals to provide nutrition for the eyes

Good nutrition affects every part of our bodies, including eyes. But did you know that some vitamins and minerals are particularly helpful for eyesight? Vitamins C and E, as well as beta carotene, zinc and copper are all proven to aid good eye health. Not only that, but if an individual has a serious age-related eye issue, like Macular Degeneration (MD) supplements may help slow its effects. It’s worth considering offering a supplement, especially if anyone feels they’re not getting all they need from a daily, balanced diet. Taking the right mix of vitamins and minerals can have a positive effect on anyone’s overall vision.

Educational guides and training

Perhaps you or your residents would like to learn more about good eye health? If that’s you, check out our free, downloadable educational guides. Maybe you’d like more in-depth training on vision and eye-care? If that’s you, we can deliver training right to your door that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

Hearing aids

It’s not only eyes we care about – we care about your residents’ overall health, too. That’s why we offer specialist hearing aid advice. With their eyes and ears looked after, your residents will feel so much safer and happier.